Wellington Manor Condo Association

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Wellington Manor's Board of Directors


  • Wellington Manor Office Phone 207-646-6016    Fax 207-646-3698
  • Wellington Manor Email wellingtonmanor@email.com
  • President/Director Dennis Ackroyd Unit 118 Tel 207-200-0041 ddackroyd@coolcore.com T.E 2017 
  • Vice President/Director Dick Zbieg Unit 123 Tel 978-459-3794 rzbieg@aol.com T.E. 2019
  • Secretary/Director Eileen Predka Unit 112 Tel 978-532-2206 epredka@yahoo.com T.E. 2019
  • Director Eileen O'Connor Unit 216 Tel 978-345-1308 epoconnor5@gmail.com T.E. 2017
  • Director Denise Daigle Unit 229 Tel 603-973-9428 denisedaigle16@gmail.com T.E. 2019
  • Director Tom Morin Unit 116 Tel 603-843-8964 tommorin603@gmail.com T.E. 2017
  • Director Bob Lambert  Unit 111 Tel 603-785-0458 bob.greengrocer@gmail.com T.E. 2018
  • Alternate Christine Collins Unit 117 Tel 207-432-0203 ccollinsway@yahoo.com T.E. 2017
  • Treasurer MaryJane Lambert Unit 111 Tel 603-924-6747 maryjane.greengrocer@gmail.com
  • Property Manager Nelson Louis Tel 207-468-6754 nelsonlouispm@gmail.com
  • Property Supervisor David Caton Tel 207-216-0552 math6284@yahoo.com
T.E.=Term Ends

Your 2016 Board of Directors is committed to serving the Wellington Manor community.  All owners are encouraged to participate and contribute as they are able.

Wellington Manor Board of Directors Meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of most months (the third Saturday if there are 5 Saturdays in the month). Owners are always welcome.

Meetings begin at 8:30 AM in the Amenities Building.

The Annual Meeting is held on the second Saturday of September at 9:30 AM.  Agenda includes elections to the Board and approval of the budget.  A pot luck luncheon for all follows the meeting.